Our Commitment


The global climate change affects the planet in all corners, especially the agriculture sector as rising temperature directly affects the crop production. The rising temperature and rising population together creates alarming impact on the near future creating pressure on the agriculture sector to double, triple its production with the same amount of land and water resources. Over exploitation of resources leads to insignificant production. This problem has to be addressed with cutting edge solutions to maintain sustainable development.

The crop nutrients are the food we feed the plants, which in turn feed the people. Therefore fertilizer constitute key ingredient for food security. The soils are degraded and lack micro and macro nutrients, yields are low and the crops are feed with low nutrient fertilizer thus leading to poor health. The most important action to take against this climate change challenge is to provide correct and balanced fertilizers.

The fertilizers should be used appropriately and cost effectively so farmers can raise their yields, increase their income, improve the livelihoods and most importantly take care of the soil and environment.

We in this situation provide solutions with our naturally crafted eco friendly fertilizers to meet the high yield productions. We also closely work with farmers to customize solution for their specific needs and try to help them overcome this crisis. Bions biochelated nutrients, supports the crops to adapt the drought conditions. These nutrients help to balance the plant metabolism and thus aid them to deliver high production even in the worse climate conditions.


Green revolution was one the successful movement in the history eradicating hunger globally. But now we are fighting one more hunger along side, HIDDEN HUNGER. It is lack of vitamins and minerals in food; so even when you eat, you still lack basic nutrients required by your body, to fight diseases. Lack of food affects 800 million people worldwide but hidden hunger which is lack of vitamins and minerals in food affects two billion people worldwide.

Now people have food to eat but the food does not have nutrition to support healthy living. Its most devastating impacts occur during fetal development and in the first few years of a child's life," warns UNICEF. Deficiencies of micronutrients can "condemn a child to lifelong irreversible damage. They would never be able to attain their intellectual, economic and developmental potential," says Food and Agriculture Organization.

Globally, up to 2 billion people do not get enough essential vitamins and minerals from food, according to the 2018 Global Hunger Index. The simplest solution to fight hidden hunger is the biofortification of crops. Bio fortification is feeding plants with balanced micro and macro nutrients and which in turn provide nutrition to the human.

Seyon is strongly committed to eradicate hidden hunger. Bions development was focused to meet the second green revolution requirement to provide the nutritions and minerals to fight hidden hunger and support farmers in all possible ways